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Yao Law Group represents international and national artists and creative professionals to provide customized legal services. Whether you are looking for an o1 visa lawyer in NYC to help you obtain the visa you need for your craft or to provide you legal assistance with the business side of your art, we can help. Our law firm is here to help you handle the legal side of your art so you can focus on attaining your creative and artistic goals.

We help with the typical legal needs of artists, including artist visas, artist green cards, contract & deal making in the arts and entertainment industries, and trademark & brand protection. Our knowledge ranges across multiple industries, cultures and legal traditions, allowing us to help artists from an array of disciplines.

If you’re looking for an o1 visa lawyer in NYC that is invested in your success, look no further.

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With our specialized knowledge of the different artistic fields, we are able to represent clients from around the world and across creative industries. If you’re looking for a personalized relationship with a passionate and dedicated artist visa lawyer in NYC, let’s talk.
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