What To Do In A Stokes Interview?

What Is A Stokes Interview? The Stokes Interview is a second opportunity for you and your spouse to demonstrate the authenticity of your marriage. After the initial status interview, if the immigration officer has any doubts, you will be scheduled for a Stokes interview. Reasons Why You Get A Stokes Interview Notice Here are the

5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Marriage Green Card Interview

The ability to live and work permanently in the United States, access to government benefits and services, and a road to U.S. citizenship are just a few of the advantages of obtaining permanent residency in the United States through marriage. This green card is essential for you and your family to remain together and make

Guide For Marriage-based Green Card Application

What is a Marriage-based Green Card?   Marriage-based Green Card is a type of U.S. permanent resident or green card open to foreign nationals married to U.S. citizens. You must prove that your marriage is legitimate and were not engaged for immigration purposes. Moreover, suppose you are given permanent residency in the United States. The

What Are My Options As An F-1 Student In The USA?

An F-1 student visa is for those who wish to pursue full-time academic studies at a recognized college or university in the United States. To qualify for an F-1 visa, you must be accepted by a Student and Exchange Visitor Program-approved institution. An institution can be a 4 year college or university, a 2 year

What is the difference between an O-1 Visa and an EB-1A?

If you are at the top of your field, you have been featured in publications and national or international newspapers or a member of one of the most prestigious professional organizations. If you possess these characteristics, you are exceptional in your field. With your credentials, what is the best visa for you to travel to

What Are The Requirements For The EB-1A?

What Is An EB-1A/ Artist Visa Green Card?  EB-1A is an employment-based immigrant visa designed for individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. This is a type of visa for which future employment is not required so long as you seek permanent residence in the United States to

Can Tattoo Artists Get an Artist Visa/ O-1 Visa?

Most of the time, when you think about O-1 Visas or Artist Visas, you probably envision actors, singers, visual artists, and dancers. Tattoo artists are one of the non-traditional artists who qualify for the O-1B visa.   Why do Tattoo Artists Qualify for O-1 Visa?   Tattooing is one of the earliest kinds of art,

Do I Need An Award To Qualify For The Artist Visa/ O-1 Visa?

An award is beneficial, as it enhances your professional profile and speaks to your reputation and leadership in your industry. Still, it is not required to qualify for the Artist Visa/ O-1 visa. I advocate expanding your career achievements to help you win the O-1 visa case.    If you cannot meet the one-time major

What are some options besides the H-1B Visa?

    So you entered the H-1B lottery and you weren’t selected? As the lottery is now a reverse lottery, favoring US degree master holders, it is likely that you will need to seek out additional visa options to continue to remain in the US.      H-1B Visa   The H-1B visa is an

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