O-1B Approval with 2 Unrelated Professional Titles: Performer and Photographer

Within the arts, it is sometimes difficult to stay within one profession.  Sometimes as a multidisciplinary artist, and you work on multiple different types of artistic mediums. Therefore, it is very common for a photographer to also do filmwork. Or for a performer to also serve as an influencer. It is entirely possible to file

O-1B Testimonial Letters

Testimonial letters are used in both O-1A cases and O-1B cases. However, in  O-1B cases, there is a specific evidentiary criterion called “Significant Recognition” which is typically used for including testimonial letters. There is a specific evidentiary criterion within the O-1B regulations known as Significant Recognition. To satisfy this criterion, you need to submit some

O-1B Visa Requirements

The O-1 Visa is a very complex but very rewarding visa. It can sometimes take months to develop a strong petition. Therefore, before you begin exploring O-1B Visa Requirements, ask yourself the following questions: How do I know that I qualify for the O-1? How do I know I’m going to get potentially approved for

O-1B Processing Times

A common question that is asked is: Should I file my case regular processing, or should I file my case, premium processing? Premium processing, you will get your case adjudicated faster, so you will get your response quicker, usually in about 3 weeks. The filing fee for premium processing is  $2,500. You can find more

Top 3 O-1 Questions I Receive

The O-1 Visa, also known as the Artist Visa, is complex and can sometimes seem intimidating.  There are so many questions surrounding the O-1 and you may have asked yourself the same questions below:   1. Do I need a high salary to qualify for the O-1?   The answer is no. Most people who

artist visa o1b

O-1B Artist Visa: Pre-filing Steps

What is an O-1B Artist Visa?   O-1B visas, also known as artist visas, are temporary work visas that allow those with an extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievements in the motion picture or television industry to work in the United States. Many artists may qualify for the O-1B so it’s important to

is marketing considered art

Is Marketing Considered Art?

Some may call them marketing specialists, marketing professionals, or public relations managers. They are all different professional titles, but they all encompass marketing and/or PR. At Yao Law Group, we almost always file digital marketers, social media managers, and traditional marketing specialists as O-1Bs and therefore as creatives.  The Creative Process   Oftentimes, marketers are

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