Top 3 O-1 Questions I Receive

The O-1 Visa, also known as the Artist Visa, is complex and can sometimes seem intimidating.  There are so many questions surrounding the O-1 and you may have asked yourself the same questions below:   1. Do I need a high salary to qualify for the O-1?   The answer is no. Most people who

artist visa o1b

O-1B Artist Visa: Pre-filing Steps

What is an O-1B Artist Visa?   O-1B visas, also known as artist visas, are temporary work visas that allow those with an extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievements in the motion picture or television industry to work in the United States. Many artists may qualify for the O-1B so it’s important to

is marketing considered art

Is Marketing Considered Art?

Some may call them marketing specialists, marketing professionals, or public relations managers. They are all different professional titles, but they all encompass marketing and/or PR. At Yao Law Group, we almost always file digital marketers, social media managers, and traditional marketing specialists as O-1Bs and therefore as creatives.  The Creative Process   Oftentimes, marketers are

o-1b visa high salary

O-1B Visa: High Salary Criterion

Many people believe that there is a minimum required salary to file for an O-1 Visa but is there any truth to this? It is certainly true that other visas may come with a salary requirement such as the H-1B visa. This means the government has identified a specific wage (also known as a prevailing

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Do Creatives Need A LinkedIn?

Everyone knows LinkedIn is touted as a social media for professionals but does it have any use for creatives? LinkedIn may also be thought of as a tool utilized by business people, salespeople, and similar professions which may make artists and creative a bit weary of engaging on the platform. Despite this, LinkedIn is a

business of the arts

Business Of The Arts: Collaboration

The starving artist is a deep-rooted and somewhat dated mentality. Artists may believe that this mentality is needed to really appreciate and romanticize our craft. However, as the cost of living continues to rise across the globe, that mentality isn’t always sustainable and monetization becomes increasingly imperative. So, how do art and business collaboration go

architectural design

Architects: Artists, Scientists, or Both?

When one thinks of architecture, what comes to mind? It may be thoughts of old gothic steeples peering over a European hillside or maybe a sprawling modern metropolis reaching high into the sky. These thoughts reflect the meticulous and stylish design that architects utilize in the course of their work. Even so, many architects apply

film distribution art

The Art of Film Distribution

When one hears the term film distributor, one may think of all the work that goes into releasing a movie. Getting a film in theaters, marketing the film, and setting a strategic release date takes a sharp business sense. So how could this profession qualify for an O-1B artist visa?   Business Skill   There

Creative Product Design

Product Design, A Creative Venture?

Product designers are responsible for informative and visual consumer product design. Most of the time, product designers are filed under O1-A due to their technical design abilities but what if they were able to be filed under an O-1B?   Aesthetics When you see everyday products in a grocery store, you may analyze what you’re

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