O-1 Revocation: Can an O-1 Approval Be Revoked?

O-1 Revocation: Can an O-1 Approval Be Revoked?

There are a number of reasons an O-1 Petition can be revoked after it has been approved.   Automatic Revocation Under 8 CFR §214.2(o)(8)(ii), an approved O-1 can be automatically revoked if:   The petitioner goes out of business; The petitioner files a written withdrawal of the petition The petitioner notifies the Service that the

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An Overview of the Agent for the O-1 Visa

Who can serve as your agent? An agent can be: 1. A US citizen, 2. A green card holder, with at least 6 months validity period on the green card, or 3. A US-based company What are the responsibilities of your agent? Your agent is responsible for: 1. Receiving all of your communication on behalf

How to become an International Artist in the USA

How to become an International Artist in the USA

Reaching a wider reach of people and working professionally in the US is the dream of so many artists, creatives, and entertainers. For many, it means having “made it”   These three tips will help you get on that path to becoming an international artist :   1. Apply for the O-1 Visa (Artist Visa)

O-1 Visa Requirement: Advisory Opinions

O-1 Visa Requirement: Advisory Opinions

An advisory opinion from an appropriate labor organization is a requirement for the O-1 Visa (also known as the Artist Visa). Certain labor unions exist for the purposes of the O-1 petition, and these labor unions issue letters of no objection. In a nutshell, these letters state that the labor union does not object to

O-1 Visa Requirement: Peer Consultation Letter

O-1 Visa Requirement: Peer Consultation Letter

If there is no labor union for your profession, then you need a letter from a peer organization, such as Fractured Atlas, or a peer, such as an expert in your field. For example, there aren’t labor unions for models, fashion designers, or marketing specialists. These professionals need a letter from either a peer organization

Should an artist trademark her name?

Yao Law Group’s Short and Easy Guide to Filing a Trademark Application

Step 1: Make Your Mark   You will need to determine the type (format) of mark: 1) character mark, consisting of a word or combination of words, font or specific design for the words, etc.; 2) design mark, a stylized design with or without letters, such as a logo; or 3) sound mark, such as jingle or

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O-1 Future Engagements

If an O-1 visa is filed with an agent-petition, the petition needs to present at least 2 future engagements. One of the benefits of an O-1 agent-filing petition is that the future work can be varied.  When the O-1 federal regulations were drafted Congress took into account the industry standard for artists and creative professionals. 


Three O-1B (Artist Visa) Misconceptions

1. Award   Truth: An award is not the only requirement.    Although winning an award is part of the evidentiary criteria, it is not all of the evidentiary criteria. One can qualify for the O-1 without having an award due to the additional evidentiary criteria. Does having the award make the petition stronger? Absolutely, but

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Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

So let’s talk about the big elephant in the room. Do you really need an immigration lawyer to assist you in receiving or securing a visa or a green card?  Common criticisms that people have include: Lawyers don’t have time for me;  Lawyers don’t do any work;  Lawyers are too expensive. All of these criticisms

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