Can I add additional work after I am approved for my O-1B?

One of the really great things about the O-1 visa or the artists visa, is the ability to really explore different opportunities in your career. The reason why you can do that is because O-1 petitions can be filed through an agent petitioner, which allows you to work with multiple employers and different projects throughout your O-1 validity period.   O-1B Petitions filed with an Agent    If you have filed with an agent petitioner, you can add additional performances and engagement to your petition, even if those new additional performances and engagements weren’t included in your original itinerary.   It’s important to remember that…

O-1 Revocation: Can an O-1 Approval Be Revoked?

There are a number of reasons an O-1 Petition can be revoked after it has been approved.   Automatic Revocation Under 8 CFR §214.2(o)(8)(ii), an approved O-1 can be automatically revoked if:   The petitioner goes out of business; The petitioner files a written withdrawal of the petition The petitioner notifies the Service that the beneficiary is no longer employed by the petitioner.   O-1 Revocation Additionally,  a petition can be revoked if:   The facts included in the petition do not represent the truth. USCIS has broad investigation powers and can call your employers, your signers, and investigate and analyze if those contracts that…

An Overview of the Agent for the O-1 Visa

Who can serve as your agent? An agent can be: 1. A US citizen, 2. A green card holder, with at least 6 months validity period on the green card, or 3. A US-based company What are the responsibilities of your agent? Your agent is responsible for: 1. Receiving all of your communication on behalf of USCIS, 2. Signing your immigration forms, 3. Signing your agent agreement, 4. Your itinerary and any changes throughout your O-1 validity period. Important to know: If you have changes in your itinerary, send a quick email to your agent so that everything is documented. Does your agent need to…

How to become an International Artist in the USA

Reaching a wider reach of people and working professionally in the US is the dream of so many artists, creatives, and entertainers. For many, it means having “made it”   These three tips will help you get on that path to becoming an international artist :   1. Apply for the O-1 Visa (Artist Visa) The O-1 Visa, also known as the artist visa or the extraordinary ability visa, is a very special visa because it allows artists, creative professionals, and entertainers to work in their field and have an extensive career. Unlike other visa types, the O-1 visa allows you to work on behalf…

O-1 Visa Requirement: Advisory Opinions

An advisory opinion from an appropriate labor organization is a requirement for the O-1 Visa (also known as the Artist Visa). Certain labor unions exist for the purposes of the O-1 petition, and these labor unions issue letters of no objection. In a nutshell, these letters state that the labor union does not object to the granting of the O-1 visa in your case. For O-1 purposes,  it’s a letter to legitimize your professionalism within the field. For example, theatre performers usually secure letters from AGMA.   The advisory opinion is actually a technical requirement of the O-1 petition. If this letter is not included,…

O-1 Visa Requirement: Peer Consultation Letter

If there is no labor union for your profession, then you need a letter from a peer organization, such as Fractured Atlas, or a peer, such as an expert in your field. For example, there aren’t labor unions for models, fashion designers, or marketing specialists. These professionals need a letter from either a peer organization or a peer expert. The peer expert must be written and signed by someone who is of high stature in the field. Usually, the letter needs to be signed by someone who is a US citizen, because this expert letter is substituting a US-based labor union. Therefore, the expert should…

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