How to Best Prepare for an O-1 Visa Application: Know Your Audience

When putting together your petition for USCIS, it is important that you remember that you are submitting this to an immigration officer. Just like you would want to keep an audience engaged and entertained, you want your immigration officer to feel engaged while reviewing your portfolio.


Think about the perspective of your immigration officer. They are reading multiple petitions of a variety of individuals who all want to come to the United States. You do not want them to feel as though they have to put in extra time to connect with you and get to know you as an artist: You want the reading and analysis of your petition to be a seamless, pleasant experience. 


Keep in mind that your immigration officer is likely to not have any experience in the art world and most likely has a limited understanding of why your accomplishments are impressive. Therefore, it is important that your attorney have a strong understanding of your profile as an artist. This will allow the attorney to convey why you are an exceptional and extraordinary artist to the immigration officer.


Your petition should be simple and succinct in order to keep the immigration officer engaged. While it is important for them to fully understand the significance of your accomplishments, you do not want to overwhelm them with unnecessary detail. The immigration officer should be able to understand what you do, why you stand out, and why you are extraordinary.

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