Yao Law Group is deeply committed to supporting aspiring attorneys or students curious about the practice of the law. Before attending law school, Elektra interned in a NYC law firm and this was her first opportunity to witness a lawyer in action. Unfortunately, as an intern, Elektra’s duties were limited to coffee runs and copious amounts of photocopying. 
As a leader in the legal field, Elektra is determined to create a meaningful internship program which focuses on mentoring and teaching real life skills (office etiquette, email etiquette, legal writing, client management, and so much more). 
Interns who successfully complete the internship program will receive a Certificate of Completion and a professional Letter of Recommendation. 
If you wish to participate as an intern, please email Elektra at 
Will you be our newest intern? 
yao law group internship
Elektra is proud to say that none of the Yao Law Group interns have been tasked with coffee runs!

Award-Winning Artist Visa Lawyer and Entertainment Lawyer in New York City

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