Litzy Serrano Perez

Litzy Serrano Perez is a sophomore attending Berkeley College. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree and is majoring in Legal Studies. Litzy is a member of the Honors Program and has taken numerous legal courses. Her favorite legal course is Employment Law. It helped her become aware of employee’s rights in their workplace. Litzy is a daughter to immigrant parents and aspires to become an immigration lawyer to aid people in her community. During the pandemic, Litzy became a volunteer at a nonprofit group, Invisible Hands Deliver, fighting food insecurity among the most vulnerable population. Aside from her professional aspirations, Litzy enjoys baking, especially pan dulce. Moreover, she enjoys learning how to play guitar and spending time with her family.


1. She enjoys baking.

2. She was in a church choir for 9 years.

3. She enjoys spending time with her family.

4. Her favorite thing to eat in the summer is a nieve de limon, a traditional Mexican sorbet style ice cream.

5. She has never been on a plane.

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