O-1 Visa Requirement: Peer Consultation Letter

O-1 Visa Requirement: Peer Consultation Letter

If there is no labor union for your profession, then you need a letter from a peer organization, such as Fractured Atlas, or a peer, such as an expert in your field. For example, there aren’t labor unions for models, fashion designers, or marketing specialists. These professionals need a letter from either a peer organization or a peer expert.

The peer expert must be written and signed by someone who is of high stature in the field. Usually, the letter needs to be signed by someone who is a US citizen, because this expert letter is substituting a US-based labor union. Therefore, the expert should be a US expert or a US-based expert, and that letter should discuss your qualifications, why you possess the extraordinary ability, and why your future jobs need somebody with your extraordinary ability.

In a sense, a peer consultation letter or a peer consultation is similar to a testimonial letter.

The letter should demonstrate:

1. Your extraordinary ability in the field,
2. Your future work and why your services are necessary,
3. Why you are extraordinary and why these future jobs need a professional with an extraordinary ability.

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