Adriana (Stephania) Diaz is a senior at CUNY Queens College majoring in Sociology, where she is a member of the prestigious Honors of Social Sciences Program. She is currently developing her undergraduate thesis, entitled “Has Hip-Hop Done More Harm to Young African Americans than Racism in Recent Years?” which explores the controversial relationship between the genre of hip-hop and society. Most recently, Stephania was among 15 students selected across the country to attend a PhD program hosted by Stanford at Berkeley for prominent students in research and academia. Moreover, she was recently selected by the renowned New York City Bar Association to participate in a highly exclusive and interactive program to jumpstart her professional career in the legal sector. Stephania aspires to pursue a career in both the military and law. She is currently a Paralegal at Yao Law Group in New York City. Also, Stephania is fully fluent in Spanish. When she is not busy researching her curiosities about the world, she enjoys the arts, sports, and taking naps.