“I met two lawyers before having a consultation for my O-1B visa with Yao Law Group. I was very frustrated by other lawyers- one of them did not even read/check my case(RFE) and said everything's wrong. I kind of gave up at that moment.

Then, I saw her name card at the music studio that I go every week.

As soon as I e-mail her, I was already 80% sure that she's the one for me. Even before actually seeing me in person, she informed me of recent changes in VISA application rules. The consultation was even better. She was really focusing on my case and didn't hesitate to help me out whenever I have concerns.

I know that this visa application thing is really stressful. I was very scared, insecure, annoyed, and apparently annoying as well(haha), but Elektra was very patient and kind working with me. You know, she was really giving me a good energy that I can do this. She is different from any other lawyers that you can think of. I mean it.

But most importantly, she's very professional, extremely thorough, and very responsible and realistic. I cannot recall if I ever had to wait for her reply for a long time. She did a wonderful job for helping me preparing/arranging my evidence, filled out all essential forms for me, wrote a great cover letter, and had a good strategy(if I can call her plan that way). I literally followed what she told me to do, which was a lot of work, but in a good way.

Even after I received my case approval notice only in 2 or 3 weeks, she prepared everything that I need for my visa interview.
She prepared me with answering some tricky questions. After the interview, somehow there was a delay in processing issuing my visa, even my visa interview was approved. To be honest, this part is not really what Elektra has to deal with, because she was just supposed to helping me with "application." However, she was trying to figure out if she can e-mail the consulate and find someone to answer this questions, etc. I should confess, I was very touched at this part. Well, luckily, she didn't have to as I got my visa issued in 7 business days (but total 2 weeks, because of holidays).

I just recommend you to see her in person first, and then you'll know what I mean. She's super competent, thoughtful, patient, generous, and honest. I hope I can find better words to describe her. I really wish Elektra and her group the best.”
Jinjoo Y.
“I needed an O-1 and she helped me every step of the way. At the first consultation, she gave me a detailed guideline of what we had to prepare and how we could achieve the goals. I even brought my boss to the second meeting just to make sure and she did it without charge! She also gave me the confidence that none of the other O-1 lawyers could give me. In the process of building my portfolio, some of my recommenders challenged her but she kept working diligently to adjust to everybody's needs. On top of that, she suggested that we could go through the evidence together, AS MUCH AS I NEEDED. The way she organized and tailored my portfolio not only gave me the peace of mind I needed desperately but her immediate response (within minutes) to all my questions was also applaudable. At the end, I did pay for the premium processing which takes 15 calendar days to hear back the result. I got my approval on day 10! Yes she is that good. Thanks so much Elektra and I will always recommend her to everyone.”
Heidi C.
“I am really grateful for you, today my case is over and I am completely happy with the work that you did for me, I really appreciate it, I am sure many people who will read this letters will not hesitate to trust you, I tell them and I recommend a 100%, today I closed a cycle because today I became an American citizen, thank you very much lawyer and continue to have many success in everything . Aboga Elecktra Your work is perfect, thank you :).”
Miguel L.
“Elektra was recommended to me by a friend when I was looking for an attorney to work on my first working visa. Elektra is very professional. She always answered my questions very specifically and sometime, if she worried that the expression in the email is not clear enough, she would call and make sure I got everything right. My case had been going back and forth for a while, she came up with strategy fast to help me to achieve the good result.”
Chloe S.
“When I talked with other lawyers about O1 visa, they said "Umm...your case is not easy...". My friend recommended me Elektra and after finishing first meeting with her, I was sure I can get it and got it now! She told me "Don't worry, your case is strong!" I highly recommend her to people who is looking for the best lawyer in New York. "Don't worry, she is strong":)”
May P.
“My friend (she also got her O1 Visa through Elektra) highly recommended Elektra to me when I was looking for an attorney ASAP to work on my O1 Visa. I got a very positive energy from her on our very first meeting. She was so confident and positive about my case and understood thoroughly about my resume and achievements which surprised me. She's so experienced, talented, professional, creative, thoughtful and very sincere about her each clients (at least I felt she treated me as one of her "special" which I was deeply impressed and appreciated about!). She knows not only what she needs to do for me but also what I need to do for the process which was super helpful since it was my first time prepping the Visa. She guided me professionally what to do with very specific examples and gave me a lot of helpful advice. She replied to emails immediately with detailed comments whenever I had questions. Also she was so warm hearted enough to cheer me up while I was struggling with preparing documents. I strongly recommend Elektra if you are planning to work on O1 Visa. She is the one who has exceptional knowledge about all different cases of artists.”
Ellie Y.
“Elektra is the image of professionalism, detail and care. Thanks to her I secured my first O-1 visa!!

I shopped around a little bit for lawyers to work on my application, and I called Elektra after my boyfriend (who also got his O-1 thanks to her!) recommended her. I have to admit, she had me sold from our first conversation. She was very knowledgeable, clear, honest and straighforward; and so was the whole process that followed.

I loved working with Elektra because she really knows the performing business, as well as all the specifics on this particular type of VISA. From the beginning I felt like we were a team: she guided me through the whole process and made it super smooth, responded to emails right away even at very odd hours, and was reassuring and warm where needed, but also firm and straighforward at times!

She is also a wonderful person, which is not a small detail. When you're asking for help with a possibly life-changing application, you want to work with someone who is invested and caring, and treats you like a human and not just a number.

Elektra is a kick-ass lady, excellent lawyer and all-around great human being. Anyone would be lucky to count with her expertise! Thanks Elektra!!
Victoria Raigorodsky
“Elektra is the right lawyer to go to. After I got denied with my H1B Visa and my OPT expired, I was so worried I will not be able to work in the US anymore. Then I heard about O1 Visa and decided to give it a shot.
I am an entry-legel illustrator with BFA who just graduated last year. The law firm that my company was working with in the past told me I would probably not get accepted for O1 Visa since I am an entry-level artist with not enough experience. So I looked up countless law firms by myself, just to find someone who will take my case. Many other companies rejected my case saying my chances to get approved for O1 is relatively low. Then I found Yao Law Group.
Even though I don't live local from there, Elektra explained my spcific case deeply on our first consultation and it's worth giving a shot. She responded immediately whenever I had a question throughout my application preparation. And it made me so easy to work with her. Her direction to the guidelines was clear and precise to follow up. I did what she adviced me with my O1 application. And I got an approval in 2 weeks with no RFE.

I am so happy that I can legally work in the US from now on. And I am glad I chose Yao Law Group after many hours of researching. Elektra is definitely the best lawyer in this field and I am definitely coming back whenever I need further Visa help.”
Yujin J.
“Elektra was recommended to me by a friend when I was looking for a new immigration lawyer. I had previously done a few visas through different attorneys and had been more or less satisfied, though I can not really say that any of them went the extra mile or was so extraordinary good that they would be the one and only choice which you would recommend to someone or absolutely have to use again.

So I decided to use a new immigration attorney and started to work with Elektra. From the beginning on she was always very straight forwarded when it came to what we would need to get started, which strategies we could develop, etc. If I would send her an email after hours I could be 99% sure that she would send me a spot on reply within a few minutes and answer all of my questions without leaving anything out or being imprecise about something.

What I really loved about working with Elektra is how organized and efficient her workflow is. When it comes to such important matters like legal things I always fear to work with someone that is not overly organized and could miss certain documents, etc. - Elektra and I had a shared folder where we could both simultaneously work on our documents and would always be on top of things.

I can only highly recommend working with Elektra, she is very trustable and makes the process as easy and efficient as possible.”
Philipp P.
“I highly recommend Elektra Yao and her firm. They are very professional. I have very long history for my first O1 visa. Having worked with 3 immigration law firms to receive my first O1 visa made me to know who is a great lawyer. At my second time, I googled almost every O1 visa in NYC and met them over 15 lawyers. However, Elektra was the only one lawyer who is willing to answer any questions even very small one. After deciding working with her, she proved that I was not wrong. She always answered my email promptly (even on Sunday) and explained well even if that is a stupid question. Also, most important thing as an immigrant lawyer, she knows what she is doing. I received my approval notice in FOUR calendar days!!!! Really. Trust me. I hired 4 immigrant lawyers for O-1 visa throughout over 5 years. You will be notified every single step of your processes. She is the best lawyer and I truly believe nobody can be better than Yao law group.”
Mj P.
"I know from the first time I had a phone conversation with Atty Elektra that she knows very well how to handle an artist visa case. I am based in Seattle and I am practicing scenic design. All our communication were mostly emails and phone calls. She is very efficient, well organized and quite particular with details. Applying for an artist visa requires a lot of paper works, record diggings, and emails. She made it all easier for me to gather all pieces of information and requirements needed. She guided me in every step of the process and very quick to respond when I need clarifications. I really felt the genuine concern. I highly recommend Atty Elektra Yao as an immigration attorney. I am very thankful for her that I got approved for my 01 visa. " Lex Marcos”
Marcos L.
“U.S VISA APPROVED!! To the relentlessly gutsy @elektrayaofirm I thank you sincerely for fighting the good fight and for defending me till the very end. I know we're no longer in the Obama era but the very idea of seeking better career opportunities for yourself by trying to live the American dream is now dramatically different under the current administration compared to what it was years ago. Fete accompli however and now is now. And if I've ever felt the need to say this then I'm shouting it from the rooftops tonight: GOD BLESS AMERICA Elektra is a total professional equipped with gutsy bravado and an innate sense of professionalism.”
Linlee A.
“As a Canadian, I had been looking for a lawyer to help with a US work visa and kept getting turned down: I apparently didn't have a case. However, I was lucky enough to find Elektra who was thorough in finding options and communicating them to me. I'm so grateful for her help! I successfully got a J-1 visa and I honestly have no idea how I would have figured it out without her. She's the one you want on your team. Don't hesitate to book a consultation with her!”
Heather Stone
“If you're an immigrant, or know an immigrant who's looking for a way to stay in (or come to) the US, fam, you need her. She's exceptional. Really. Elektra is the only immigration lawyer that I've consulted who was not only willing to answer all my questions, but did so until I understood what she was talking about. She's thorough, dedicated, talented, experienced, professional, creative, honest, super smart and generally amazing. She's so efficient. She replies to emails immediately. Yo. IMMEDIATELY. She follows up on things, which is probably my favorite thing about her, because I forget to do important stuff all the time. She was also always on point regarding my case; all other lawyers I had consulted and hired often seemed to have my information wrong or mixed up, Elektra, on the other hand, remembered details that I didn't even remember I had mentioned to her. I come from a family of lawyers, and I think my standards are high. Please believe me when I tell you that she is outstanding. Also, her actual name is Elektra. Like 🔥🔥🔥. Anyway, get at her. And if you're not an immigrant, please keep this in mind anyway. The reason I found out there was an option for someone who does what I do to get a work visa is that an American friend told me about it”
Yessica Curiel-Montoya

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