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Yao Law Group: Artist Visas and Entertainment Law in the Heart of NYC

We understand your unique artistry to bring you success

We are a forward-thinking, technological advanced, award-winning law firm dedicated to serving international and domestic artists with all of their artist visa and entertainment law needs. 


Yao Law Group was founded by Elektra B. Yao, Esq. a former artist and creative professional who is passionate about the arts, the entertainment industry, and supporting the success of artists. 


We work with artists who are genius in their unique way. We have a passion and commitment to providing customized, tailor-made legal services to assist artists in developing their brand and monetizing their artistry.


Our expertise is across multiple practice areas, drawing deeper insights on key challenges from our extensive knowledge of  multiple industries, cultures, and legal traditions. We analyze your legal issues and use our knowledge to create successful solutions for you. 


We identify problems, recognize and seize opportunities, by finding out of the box solutions to produce the creative edge for our clients. From big-picture strategic thinking to creative execution, we bring our clients’ vision to life with successful results.


Yao Law Group is based in the international city NYC and our clients are located all over the world. With our global vision and our partnership strategy, we drive you forward to success.

Why We Should Work Together

We should work together because you are determined to succeed and take your career to the next level. Or you are beginning in your career and need guidance, help, and strategy. We work with artists at all stages in their career and our hand holding approach will ensure that you are never in the dark about your case. 

We Value Who You Are To Help You Realize Your Goals

“and very sincere about her each clients (at least I felt she treated me as one of her “special” which I was deeply impressed and appreciated about!). She knows not only what she needs to do for me but also what I need to do for the process which was super helpful since it was my first time prepping the Visa. She guided me professionally what to do with very specific examples and gave me a lot of helpful advice. She replied to emails immediately with detailed comments whenever I had questions. Also she was so warm hearted enough to cheer me up while I was struggling with preparing documents. ”

-Ellie Y. San Francisco.

Award-Winning Artist Visa Lawyer and Entertainment Lawyer in New York City

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