The Team

We Understand Your Artistry And Your Cultural Landscape

Your Team With The Skills And Drive To Produce Excellent Results

Our dedicated team is trained to provide excellent client services for your legal services. In addition to being well versed and up to date on artist visas and entertainment law, our team has a rich cultural background in the arts and creative industries so that we can understand your unique perspective, ideas, and goals. Our team is fully fluent in Spanish, Italian, and French so that we can communicate in your preferred language. Our team uniquely combines professionalism, expert knowledge and outstanding immigration services with a personalized and unique touch. Each client is unique and different and our team treats each and every client like a special person.

The Team

Elektra Yao Lawyer

Elektra B. Yao

Elektra B. Yao, Esq. is the founder and principal attorney at Yao Law Group law firm dedicated to international and domestic artists.

Elektra earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from…


Stephania Diaz

Adriana (Stephania) Diaz earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from CUNY Queens College, one of the highest, nationally ranked institutions in the United States. As a member…

Valeria Ostorga

Valeria Ostorga

Valeria Ostorga is a first-generation college student seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Metropolitan Studies at New York University. Valeria has implemented her studies of political science as a…

Award-Winning Artist Visa Lawyer and Entertainment Lawyer in New York City

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