Valeria Ostorga

Valeria Ostorga

Valeria Ostorga is a first-generation college student seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Metropolitan Studies at New York University. Valeria has implemented her studies of political science as a rising senior by working in different political campaigns. Valeria often aided teams by analyzing and drafting public policy agendas on local district issues. The experience of engaging with voters for community development, and policy research proved Valeria more of her goal to pursue a J.D, for she is invested in learning of the associations between law and society. Thus, with Yao Law Group, Valeria will commence focusing her career in the legal field.

Most recently, Valeria returned with the America Reads/America Counts program, an elementary school tutoring program, after taking time off from her three-year stay to assist virtual classrooms. Valeria’s main objective for her return to the program was to improve the academic skill levels of students struggling with online learning. Valeria invested one-on-one tutoring time with students, and she diligently worked towards viewing weekly academic progress. 

While working with Yao Law Group, Valeria will be performing independent research for The American Red Cross as a Disaster Relief Technical Writing and Planning  Specialist beginning the summer of 2021. In this role, Valeria will be curating a disaster relief plan for regions in the United States. This ongoing project aims to understand the social structure of particular areas for The American Red Cross to properly assist and address all the existing communities during an environmental emergency or disaster. 


1. Valeria taught herself how to moonwalk at a young age.


2. In her free time, Valeria enjoys painting and attempting to recreate impressionist art.

business of the arts

3. She has a rescue cat back home in California named Coco.


4. In the past year, Valeria began learning how to cook Latin dishes and intends to learn recipes from other cultures.

latin food

5. She hopes to one-day master latte art. For now, Valeria practices on her morning coffee.

Latte art
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